For any personal development plan to succeed, it is necessary that you incorporate the following eight steps to ensure the successful implementation of your goals.

  1. Write your goal as a significant future event or behaviour.  Say exactly what it is that you will achieve.  Define your goal and be very specific.
  2. Write your goal in such a way that it can be measured.  For instance, say when, or how much money, instead of “I want to earn more money”, say “I want to earn R20 000 per month.’  This way you can keep track of your progress much easier.
  3. Set a deadline to achieve your goal.  Once you have expressed exactly what you want, you need to commit to date.  This way you act with more urgency.
  4. Create goals, which you can control.  You are in charge.  Own it.
  5. Always have an Action Plan.  Without a recipe the cake will flop.  Consider all the pitfalls and obstacles.  Write them down as part of your Action Plan and decide, in writing, how you will eliminate them.  Also consider available resources.  Plot, plan, strategise.
  6. Plan your goals – step by step.  Your Action Plan should reflect a step-by-step strategy with how, when, where, with whom and why results.
  7. Decide on consequences for not working on your Action Plan.  Be accountable.  Find yourself a coach to whom you can be accountable.  Paying upfront for your sessions are one of the best ways of committing yourself to your goals.  You are not very likely to pull out if the sessions are already paid for.
  8. Reward yourself.  Decide on rewards for every (written down) step you reach in your Action Plan.  Write down the reward when you write your Action Plan.  Make sure you have a reward for every step.  You deserve it.


By Elsabé Manning