The following services are available to companies and domestic employers:

  1. Drafting of:
    1. Letters of appointment.
    2. Employment contracts including fixed-term contracts.
    3. Code of Conduct.
    4. Job Descriptions.
    5. Policies and Procedures.
    6. Standard Operating Procedures.
  2. Drafting of disciplinary documentation:
    1. Counselling forms.
    2. Verbal and written warnings.
    3. Notices of suspension.
    4. Notice to attend a disciplinary hearing.
    5. Notice of dismissal.
  3. Poor work performance counselling.
  4. Chairing incapacity (due to ill health) hearings.
  5. Chairing incapacity when the employee’s performance and/or abilities don’t meet the employer’s prescribed standards when counselling, coaching, and training failed.
  6. Chairing disciplinary hearings.
  7. Chairing appeal hearings and/or grievance hearings.
  8. Performance counselling.


For more information, please contact Elsabé Manning at or 082 513 6312