Children learn from the people they look up to – mostly their parents. Display behaviours that you would like your children to display. Be kind. Be honest. Be calm and behave well when things go wrong. Watch what you say in front of them – even your toddlers. They learn from you, and will mimic your behaviour from a very young age. Be kind – even in severe traffic! Don’t raise your voice to others. Deal peacefully with conflict. Don’t gossip about others, or say mean things. Don’t lie for your children. For instance, if they don’t want to accept an invitation, you shouldn’t connive with your child to lie about why they don’t want to go. You are teaching your child that it’s ok to lie. It’s ok to say: “If you don’t mind, I’d like to make it another day.” You don’t always have to give people a reason for saying no.

Elsabé Manning

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