Are you as organised as you should be?

Do you know how to write accurate yearly, quarterly, monthly and/or weekly plans?

What do you know about daily planning and time management?

You may have staff who are well qualified but they just don’t do their jobs effectively.

You may even have a teen who is not performing well.

If you or your staff or teenager need to get your act together, then this programme is for you.

I designed PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE to develop high performance behaviours in business owners, managers and teams and to empower staff by giving them sustainable self-leading and self-managing skills, which will help them to become more accountable and effective in their jobs.

This programme is highly effective when applied to disorganised teenagers who are under-performing at school, college or university.


I designed tools to scrutinised and rate every task and activity of a job to uncover gaps in skills, knowledge, behaviour, planning, implementation of plans, communication, professionalism, leadership, ability to manage staff successfully, etc., and then coach and train the individual for success.


I facilitate and coach business owners, managers and teams to write accurate annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plans to ensure that every task and activity gets done on time, effectively and efficiently.


Two months.


R5000 per month, per person.

This fee includes all tools, meetings (Zoom or Skype), coaching and training.


I am very proud of the outcomes I achieve with all my work but especially this programme, and in light of this I offer contactable corporate references.


Elsabe Manning won Business Acquisition’s Business Excellence Award 2020 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy in Sourth Africa.’

Elsabe Manning won Business Acquisition’s Business Excellence Award 2019 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy – Gauteng’

Elsabé was selected as one of The Most Inspirational Women of South Africa of 2012 as featured in Volume 2.

Elsabe Manning won The 2006 Mijima Award!

Winner of the 2004 GreenPepper Enterprise Award which is awarded to South African companies that excelled in their industries, created economic growth or new job opportunities for the people of South Africa.

For more information, or to book Performance Excellence, please contact Elsabe Manning on 084 371 9105 or