Is your teen under-performing or rebelling? There are many reasons why a teenager would under-perform or rebel. The problem may be motivation; unhappiness; feeling misunderstood or unloved; dysfunctional or difficult relationships with important people in their lives such as their parents, siblings, teachers, friends, step-parents etc; bullying; low self-esteem; poor self-image; disabilities; ADD or ADHD; rejection; low emotional intelligence; lack of interest in school work; boredom; controlling behaviour from authority figure; mental problems such as depression, or worse; drugs and/or alcohol; lack of boundaries, discipline and/or direction; etc.

I can assess and uplift your teen’s performance in a very short period of time, in all aspects of their lives – their behaviour, school work, manners, relationships with all role players, social behaviour, attitude, goals, responsibilities, communication including conflict resolution, and most importantly, emotional intelligence.

I have contactable references.

FEES: I have reduced my fees to R450 per one-hour session (or R4000 for ten sessions if paid upfront)

Contact Elsabé Manning on 084 371 9105 or