E-Course – Emotional Intelligence – A Journey Within


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Emotional intelligence is the skills and competencies we need to successfully communicate and interact with people in all aspects of our lives. Emotional Intelligence helps us to manage our own and other people’s emotions and emotional states.

People with higher emotional intelligence tolerate stress better and they have higher levels of impulse control.  They also tend to be more flexible and realistic and to solve a range of problems as they arise. Emotional Intelligence allows us to maintain a positive attitude, particularly in the face of adversity and to feel satisfied with life.

Low emotional intelligence is one of the biggest causes of conflict in the workplace and in people’s personal lives. Companies that employ staff with higher levels of EQ have less conflict in the workplace and more teamwork. The result is higher levels of productivity and growth.

Emotional intelligence improves communication; relationships; problem-solving; decision-making; assertiveness; stress-management and people with EQ are generally happier and healthier.

This workbook will help you to develop into a happy, calm and confident person!


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