Elsabe Manning’s training courses are designed to improve your team’s communication, collaboration, productivity and customer service.


Coaching accelerates the individual’s or team’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities leading to more effective choices.


Elsabe Manning also consults on key business areas such as the business strategy and plan, operational processes and people management practices.

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We are so good at catching our children being naughty or doing something wrong!  We should focus more on catching them being good. “Thank you for helping your little brother with his puzzle this afternoon.” “I noticed that you made your bed this morning! Well done!”…


HOW TO MANAGE UP   Do you know how to ‘manage’ your boss? It is so important to know how and when to discuss important issues that affect you, your career, your glide-path, or anything else that requires your manager’s input, consideration or permission. There…


MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS UNDER PRESSURE   Do you struggle under pressure? Let’s face it – successful business is built on successful relationships. Your career success depends on how other people feel about you and how well they support you. The problem is that you…


INFLUENCING OTHERS Having influence over people means that you have the ability to gain support for your opinions, views, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, goals and objectives by using language to persuade people to buy into your way of thinking. If you make an effort to…


Children learn from the people they look up to – mostly their parents. Display behaviours that you would like your children to display. Be kind. Be honest. Be calm and behave well when things go wrong. Watch what you say in front of them – even your toddlers. They…


CODE OF DRESS For specific functions, there are specific dress codes one should adhere to in order to remain totally professional at all times. The dress code will be defined by the type of function taking place, but if you are uncertain about what is appropriate for…


Critical thinking is the objective gathering and analysis of facts to reach conclusions and form unbiased judgments. Critical thinking requires emotional intelligence, good communication skills, self-discipline, problem-solving and analytical skills, logic, patience,…


DO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER? Are you as organised as you should be? Do you know how to write accurate yearly, quarterly, monthly and/or weekly plans? What do you know about daily planning and time management? You may have staff who are well qualified but they…


EMPATHY   Empathy is the ability to be aware of, understand and to appreciate the feelings and thoughts of others.  Empathy is the ability to be sensitive to what, how and why people feel and think the way they do.  Being ‘empathic’ is the ability to ‘read’ other…


  • Elsabe Manning won Business Acquisition’s Business Excellence Award 2020 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy in Sourth Africa.’
  • Elsabe Manning won Business Acquisition’s Business Excellence Award 2019 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy – Gauteng’
  • Elsabé was selected as one of The Most Inspirational Women of South Africa of 2012 as featured in Volume 2.
  • Elsabe Manning won The 2006 Mijima Award!


Professionalism In The Workplace

by Elsabe Manning

A practical guide to what true professionalism and competence entails, this book guides one through all manner of business interactions, from how to conduct oneself professionally while meeting with people from other cultures to the often overlooked rules of e-etiquette. Topics include: time management, networking, self-sabotage, travel etiquette and dressing for success.


The course presented by Elsabe to our front-line staff who deal with customer relations issues on a daily basis was filled with insight and assisted greatly in enhancing staff attitudes and behaviour, to be more professional in the workplace. Special mention has to be made of the personal and interactive style in which the course is done, which staff not only enjoyed, but also related to very well. Standard Bank would recommend the course to any Business who wished to achieve a higher understanding of what professionalism is about, and what it is not. Perfect grounding material for an improved image for staff who deal with customers every day.

Barbara Cleary – Standard Bank

I am an executive of a listed company in Johannesburg and must admit that I was nervous and felt very vulnerable at the prospect of running a workshop like this. I knew that there were a number of issues to resolve around my leadership and that there were team members who simply tolerated me and barely spoke to each other. We needed someone we could trust to help us rebuild the strong relationships we once had so that we could start trusting each other and move forward as a team again. Elsabé is amazing. She created a safe environment for everyone to speak without fear of consequences. She helped us to rebuild the team through open communication and real collaboration so that we are once again totally commitment to each other and the organisation. We left the workshop having set team goals and objectives which are aligned to the organisation’s goals and objectives. Thank you Elsabé. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Phillipa Carr

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This workbook will guide you to do the work needed to unburden yourself and to let go of a painful event and to release yourself from trauma and emotional suffering. Anger, bitterness, hatred and resentment can destroy you and it changes who you are. Perhaps you have very good reason to hate and resent the person who have harmed you, and you may believe that they are suffering because you hate and resent them but the truth is that you are the only one who is suffering. This course was designed to help you take your power back from those who have hurt you and it teaches you how to ask for forgiveness when you have wronged someone.

This is the most perfect gift for someone who is still hurting from a painful event.